Professional IT Coaching and Consulting with State-of-the-Art technologies

We believe in effective engineering and well-crafted software. High quality and sustainability are the baseline for our work. Our mission is to empower dev teams to unleash their full potential! ⭐️

synsugar offers a comprehensive set of trainings for processes, tools and web-based technologies. You want to optimize processes, boost productivity and improve your product's user experience. We can help you to tackle your challenges!

You ❤️ effective engineering and sustainable solutions?

So does synsugar!

This is Sebastian, the face behind synsugar. He holds a Master in Computer Science from the University of Passau. He's been writing software for the past 12 years and managed development teams for enterprise applications. In the recent years, he spent a significant amount of time onboarding developers and providing continuous training.

Change is the only true constant. This applies to every industry today. IT departments play a crucial role in this accelerating trend. I'm a passionate software engineer and love to share my experience and insights in order to empower companies and teams to strive for better products, satisfied customers and happy employees.
Sebastian Henneberg